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Los Angeles | 2018

Fitness Festival LA | 2017

That. Was. Awesome. We spent all year building up to the Fitness Festival in LA and it did not disappoint. We started the weekend off with our Industry Day where Gunnar Peterson, Harley Pasternak, and other top minds in fitness and business dropped some knowledge on how fitness is evolving and shared their advice on how to stay ahead of industry trends. The following two days, hundreds of people came together to celebrate their love of fitness and break a sweat with our team of the country’s top fitness instructors. They were also treated to live musical performances, classes led by celebrities and their trainers, and even free massages. It was so perfect that we’re currently trying to build a time machine so we can go back.


Los Angeles | 2017

Our final Co:Labs event of the year took us out to sunny LA where we didn’t waste any time before getting our flow on with Playlist Yoga. After that, we met up with Prevail Boxing where we learned what it means to literally fight your way through a tough workout. From there we got our move (and groove) on with Nicole Winhoffer over at the NW Method before wrapping the week up with Speedplay where we tried to keep up with Xavier Quimbo through a class that had our muscles shaking. When it was all said and done, we left LA completely satisfied. Sore, but satisfied.

New York City | 2017

We took Co:Labs to The Big Apple and it went above and beyond our expectations. Our first stop was Tone House where Alonzo Wilson helped us get our sweat on and showed us what an ugly workout is all about. Next, we got our flow on with Katelin Sisson at Yoga for Bad People before heading over to ModelFIT to get toned with a muscle burning workout. All in all, we give New York a 10 out of 10 electrolytes, would definitely recommend.

Chicago | 2017

Chicago Co:Labs featured a full week of fitness insight, sweat, and ugly workouts. We started the week strong with our Industry Day, where we were joined by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. After he dropped some knowledge, we got the sweat flowing with a week of classes by Gideon Akande, Emily Hutchins of On Your Mark, and Paul Rahn of Sweat Fitness Studios, Kate Lemere of Barry’s Bootcamp, and Will Haley of Flywheel Sports. To be honest, we’re working up a sweat just thinking about it.

Denver | 2017

Our second Co:Labs event brought us to the Mile High City where we hit the ground running with Harley Pasternak at our Industry Day and never slowed down. Our first workout was with Fitness in the City who brought an intensity that reminded us what it means to truly push yourself and your workout. We kept the momentum going with Barry’s Bootcamp where they wear sweat like a badge of honor and finished our trip with Fit36, who was nice enough to send us home with a souvenir: the satisfaction of finishing an ugly workout. And sore muscles.

Miami | 2017

We hit the road for our first Co:Labs event in beautiful Miami, Florida and it didn’t disappoint. The sun was shining. The sweat was flowing. And the Propel was hydrating. We kicked things off with an Industry Day where we brought the Miami fitness community together and learned from some of the country’s top business and fitness experts, including the one and only Gunnar Peterson. We finished the week as strong as we started with workouts by Harold Holness of Fast Twitch, Janet Jones of Vixen, and Ashli Katz of Flywheel Sports. Needless to say, Miami was the perfect start to the year.

First Look | 2017

This April we brought together some of the top fitness minds in the country for one awesome event in New York City. They talked fitness, shared advice with each other, and even got a workout in while they were at it. It was the perfect kickoff to our Co:Labs program, and we look forward to sweating with them all again soon.